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Taking medications in conventional ways can be difficult for some. Thus we assure you customized drug formulation otherwise commercially unavailable, to ease your way into it. Your preferences and doctor’s prescriptions are prioritised without compromising on the quality

Speciality compounding customises drugs according to the preferences of the patient and the prescription of the doctor. The virtue is to meet your unique needs in taking drugs which are otherwise inconvenient, for example adding a certain flavour you like to the drug or liquidating the drug you find difficult to swallow, troches (lozenges), suppositories and transdermal gels.

The process of compounding drugs should result in an efficient, and targeted action, thus it requires utmost care and vigilance in it’s preparation. Our team of experts are well researched and experienced to ensure that the quality is never compromised. The knowledge and techniques we adapted are always updated according to the current standards.

The availabilty of compounded drugs in the market is limited unlike generic brand of drugs. Thus we ensure that it is delivered with utmost confidence and convenience.

Our formulations include








What Makes Compounding Different?

Custom Made

Compounding medication involves preparing customized medications based on a doctor's prescription and tailored to a patient's specific needs.

Cost Effective

Compounding medication can be more cost-effective than commercially available medications because it eliminates the need for patients to purchase multiple drugs or pay for brand-name medications.


Compounding medication allows for personalized care by creating medications in various forms that are easier for patients to take and can be tailored to specific medical needs.

Insurance Coverage

Compounding medication can be covered by insurance, making it an affordable option for patients with specific medical needs.

What Is A Compounding Pharmacy?

Sherman Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy in Hamilton that specializes in preparing customized medications tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs. Our compounding pharmacists have extensive knowledge of the properties of various pharmaceutical ingredients, allowing them to create unique medications that are not available commercially. We can prepare medications in various forms, including creams, capsules, troches, suppositories, and liquids, making it easier for patients to take their medication as prescribed. At Sherman Pharmacy, we understand that every patient is unique, and our goal is to provide personalized care by providing customized medications. Contact us today to learn more about our compounding services in Hamilton.

Compound Pharmacy clinic in Hamilton

Therapeutic Areas

Our compounding pharmacy in Hamilton offers customized medication solutions for a wide range of therapeutic areas. Our experienced pharmacists work closely with healthcare providers to provide personalized compounded medications tailored to each patient’s unique needs. From dermatology and pain management to pediatrics and veterinary care, our compounding services cover various therapeutic areas. Trust us for high-quality compounded medications and exceptional customer service.


Pain Management







Palliative Care

Sports Medicine

Wound Care

Tuberous Sclerosis

Therapy Adjustments

Personalized adjustments for optimized therapy – let our pharmacists help you achieve your health goals.

Therapy Adjustments Pharmacy in hamilton

At Sherman Pharmacy, we understand that each patient is unique, and their therapy should be tailored accordingly. Our experienced pharmacists can work closely with your healthcare provider to adjust your medication therapy and help you achieve optimal health outcomes. We offer personalized compounding services to meet your specific needs, including dosage adjustments, combination therapy, and customized medication formulations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your therapy adjustments.

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