Sherman IDA Pharmacy Champions Flu Prevention: Get Your Annual Flu Shot for a Healthier Community

Karly Radko, a dedicated pharmacy assistant at Sherman IDA Pharmacy, shares her positive experience while receiving a flu shot from pharmacist-owner Sony Poulose. With the flu season underway, Hamilton public health officials stress the importance of vaccination as a crucial step in reducing the risks of COVID-19 and influenza infections. Driven by the goal of alleviating pressure on the local healthcare system, community members are encouraged to roll up both sleeves and prioritize flu shots alongside their COVID-19 vaccinations. Recognizing the rise in flu cases across the city, healthcare experts like Dr. Zain Chagla and Dr. Tamar Packer emphasize the significance of immunization in protecting oneself and others, reducing hospitalizations, and fostering community-wide protection. Sherman IDA Pharmacy, actively providing flu shots since mid-October, aims to administer 1,500 vaccinations throughout the season. Visit for more information on flu shot clinics in the city and take proactive steps towards a healthier community.

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