Clinical Services

Heart Health

The heart stays healthy when it’s free of stress. We promise to provide you an environment with the same. A good cardiac care begins with clear examination of current condition of the heart followed by your optimizing lifestyle. It involves educating you about heart health, delivering appropriate medications needed for you condition, teaching stress management techniques, motivational support from our team.
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Pain Management

Pain can be disabling, proper management begins with accurate diagnosis and ends in improved overall functioning and well-being. Pain can be mild to severe, chronic can last for several months or even years within your nervous system. It could indicate a potential tissue damage or over activation of pain receptors. We take necessary steps to reduce the same which includes treating the source of pain, providing analgesics, psychological management of perception of pain.
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Blood Pressure Management

Blood pressure within the limits is vital for the efficient functioning of the body. Vital organs like brain and heart rely on good blood flow for efficient functioning, thus increased blood pressure levels can run the risk of life-threatening conditions like heart attack, stroke etc. However, detection of varied blood pressure can help one take appropriate measures to control the same and lead a healthier life. We thoroughly diagnose and take measure to manage your blood pressure levels along with frequent follow up.
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Natural Products

Feeling lost often points to return home and within the roots are medicines in its truest form. Be it treating a condition or molding a lifestyle natural products are known to have least to no side effects. We have a domain of various lifestyle products that are free of chemicals for skin care.
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Specialty Drugs

Biological drugs also known as biologics has been a promising breakthrough especially treating cancer, infertility, arthritis etc. It is one of most fast growing class of therapeutic compound. With reduced risk of side effects and targeted action the demand for the same has been ever increasing. We believe every citizen should be able to avail the benefits of such a changing paradigm, thus we continually strive to expand the scale it's delivery.
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Immunization Services

Good immunity is a lifelong fight against the odds in your body, and we are here to fight beside you. More than that immunization is important for public health. Good awareness about the rationale of immunization is given by us, followed by proper assessment of individual need for immunization based on their specific medical history. Documentation and reimbursement are made hassle-free.
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Weight Management

Staying fit and maintaining a good body weight boosts your confidence. Attaining a good body weight is getting your metabolic rate back on track. Thus your body properly uses what you consume, subsequently improving your digestion, thinking process, blood circulation, body temperature regulation. Our team is well researched and equipped in coming up with the most suitable exercise and diet plan for your management.
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Smoking Cessation

Quitting promises a safer, happier life and within few days you can witness noticeable differences in your overall health and wellness. However quitting is a process that requires slow, steady behavioral change and ample patience. Thus one requires continuous monitoring and feedback to stay on track. We are here to provide the time and commitment for it.
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